Monday, March 9, 2009

My first cuck

I have always been Dominant with women and one night some years ago this girl was flirting with me in a big way. We started making out in the bar and I told her that I was going to take her home at the end of the night. After a few more drinks and some conversation with friends, I see her standing with this guy who kept staring at his shoes.

I figured it was her brother or something and I went to kiss her again and she pulled away and the guy walked out the door. As soon as the door shut behind him, she was all over me like a cheap suit. I invited her back to my place and she said that she had to bring him too. I really didnt care. So they followed me back and they walked to my door holding hands. We went in and I made some drinks and we just chilled on the couch. She started touching my leg and I figured "fuck it" and told her to take off her shirt. The guy just kind of stared at the wall. She was hesitant, and I just blurted out, "he wont mind, will you?" to the guy. He shrugged his shoulders and my cock got as hard as a rock. I unzipped my pants and told them both that she was going to suck my cock. As she was sucking me, she reached for his cock and instinctively I stopped her in her tracks and told her that she was not allowed to touch him. So he just sat there for about 20 min helplessly while his girl sucked my cock. When I came into her mouth, I told her that she could kiss him. She did.. I asked him how my cum tasted and he fell silent. My cock would not lose its hardness, so I told him to sit there while I took her into the bedroom, where I proceeded to fuck the livin hell out of her while he was flippin channels. I yelled for him to come in and made him watch as I came for the second time. He did nothing. He said nothing. I was so aroused. Then I had them both leave and I just laid there in my bed wondering what the hell just happened.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The squirter

My second couple was quite the surprise. Again, an older white couple but this time unmarried. They were both going through a divorce from their spouses and had found their freaky side. I met them on an adult dating website and after a few emails and phone call they invited me over for drinks. When I got to there apartment I found a tall red headed man in his 40s. His girlfriend was shocking. She was tall and very thin, short spiked hair, tatoos and peircings. He looked like a business man and she looked like a wild child, did I mention she was 58 at the time, but smoking hot

body. This couple was way different than the first. There was no sneeking around or meeting in hotels, they just wanted to party, and party with a black bull. It turned out that she had been in a loveless marriage for a long time and found herself drawn to black men as she strayed from her marriage. I wasn't quite sure how she ended up with her current partner, they really just didn't seem a good fit, but what did I care, they were just fun and I was still dealing with a screwed up relationship.

On the weekends, she would drive in from a neighboring state and we would converge at his apartment. The days were full of drinking music and laughter and our nights full of the wettest sex I've ever had.

She was my first real squirter and man could she squirt. They explained to me that they had been together for a few years, and that he was the only guy that had ever made her squirt. He explained that when she visited he had to rubberize the sheets. That first night and for many more to come, I would find out why. Since I was the new guy I was given first crack at the pussy that night. He strattled her face at the head of the bead and I pounded away missionary style. It didn't take long before she was litterally shooting loads and loads of cum all over the bed. I was only the second man to make her squirt. The boyfriend and I switched positions and again, like a fire hose she began to sqirt. We then went back to drinking and had dinner. Then I made her squirt on the dining room floor and again in the living room. Afterward each squirt, she would suck the head of my cock like it was a lolly pop in order to keep me hard for more. Her boyfriend at this point was sitting in the corner enjoying a drink and a show. This went on for a couple of months until I eventually started dating someone. I kept in contact with them for a while but shortly after that they broke up. He went back to dating vanilla women that better fit suburban corporate lifestyle and she went on to seek her one black bull.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first couple

After getting out of a bad relationship, I was weary of starting a new one. Unfortunately, I hopes of the relationship working once the woman realized what she was giving up. I realized later that we just never were a good fit. But, I spent time pining away. While pining I discovered a swinging site and thought about how great it would be to get my physical needs met without getting involved in a another relationship.

After searching the web for a short time, I was contacted by an annymous woman. She was a tall thin blonde haired blue eyed woman and part of a couple. After some very steamy emails where she told me what she would do to me in a dark corner of a bar. We decided to meet for drinks at a secluded bar. The woman was nearly 20 years older than me but smokin hot. After some drinks she leaned across the table and gave me a long passionate kiss. We had another session in her car and before we left she gave me her phone number. She said that her husband had been sending the steamy emails and that if I wanted to talk to her to call her. I tried to get her to go back to my place but she said her husband wanted to be there, so we'd have to wait. I suspect her husband was in the bar that night watching us go at it.

Our second meeting was at the same bar, but we didn't waste much time. After a couple of drinks I invited her back to my place and this time she said yes. I asked about her husband and she said she would tell him all about it. After a couple ours of loud sweaty sex, she kissed me one last time and left.

The next time we met, she and her husband had rented a hotel room. We met at the bar, had a drink and then headed up to their room, where they already had porn on the t.v. She immediately got naked and got in the bed. Her husband sat quietly in a chair in the corner. I sat watching the movie as she worshiped my cock with her mouth, showing her husband her skills from across the room. At some point she begged me to fuck her, she she got on all fours. I was afraid other hotel guests would hear the screams. Her husband still sat quietly in his chair watching. I turned her over in the missionar position and we continued until we both colapsed in exhastion. Her husband then made his way over to the bed and began to kiss and lick places I had already been. I had to work early the next morning, so chose to leave at the time. I gave her a passionate kiss good night as her husband had his face burried between her legs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Beginning

In high school I dated a white woman that did nothing but put me down. If I had remained with her I might have been on the other side of the cuckold relationship. She told me that my 9+ inch cock was nothing special and she cheated on me several times. She was a year older and went off to college a year earlier than I. I would get phone calls from friends telling me that she was cheating and I just didn't want to believe it, and I was getting my own share with her being away.

A year later I ended up attending the same college as her and living in a different coed dorm. It was the experience of a lifetime, with girls living right next door to me in my dorm. 50 girls on my floor and nothing freshly unleashed from their parents and eager to try black cock. I quickly broke up with a my emasculating bitch of a girlfriend and found a world of women that wanted to worship my hard black cock. I would have sex with one of them and they would send thier friends around for me to please them too. Friends would ask me to take their girlfriends, so that they could experience black cock. Then after college things slowed down tremenously, until I found swinging and the cuckold world.